Freedom w/ James RoguskiWatch now (135 min) | I'm still playing catch-up on the Substacks; more to come! James Roguski joined us a few weeks ago to catch us up on the WHO's latest attempts to take over the world.
Freedom Gardens Ep 5: Building the GardenWatch now (105 min) | Featured Sponsor: Survival Essential Seeds. Save 10% with promo code DEFIANT at
Truspiracy 50: Enoch's ExhortationWatch now (161 min) | Part 3 of the first Book of Enoch
Will the Truth Set Them Free?Listen now (169 min) | Julian Date 2460011
Truspiracy 49: Enoch's VisionsWatch now (4 hr) | Continue delving into Enoch with us in this show.
Truspiracy 48: The Book of EnochWatch now (3 hr) | We like to say that the Bible is the original conspiracy theory, but that's not exactly accurate. Are you familiar with the Book of…
Nothing to See HereListen now (151 min) | Julian Date 2459961 Featured sponsor: My Pillow save up to 66% with promo code DEFIANT at
Wings for FreedomWatch now (141 min) | Julian date 2459984 Featured Sponsor: Fresh Mouth. Get fluoride free nano silver toothpaste and a toothbrush cleaner at…
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